Carpentry Services

Our skilled carpentry department is prepared to handle both large and small, exterior and interior projects to get your boat back to its original condition or to improve upon it.

We have years of experience working with teak decks and can exceed your needs and expectations whether it's a deck refurbishment or a complete replacement. Our years of experience and continuing acquisition of the latest techniques make us the best choice for this intensive and detailed work. We typically average a combination of three refurbishments or replacements each winter.

If you have the inevitable aged & worn bulkheads that require re-veneering, need custom joinery around that new flat screen TV you would like fitted in the entertainment center, require a new woodwork in your navigation when replacing electronics, want to modify/re-configure the forepeak, or cannot seem to repair those (what would seem to be so simple) annoying little latches or binding floorboards, please feel free to call upon JBY.

See some of the latest projects being done by our skilled carpentry department.

  • Bagheera, a Swan 51, and its new teak deck.
  • New Deck, cockpit and coaming on an Ohlson 38.
  • Persistance, a Baltic 43, deck caulked & ready for sanding.
  • We do a variety of work on Swans. Here we repaired the door trim.
  • Flat screen TV installation.