Paint and Glass

Our dedicated & knowledgeable staff in our paint & glass department is read to help you maintain the integrity and value of your boat.

We offer the highest quality gelcoat and Awlgrip services around. JBY's paint bay is always occupied, as we have painted the topsides of over one-hundred boats over the past twelve years.

If it is determined that your boat has blister damage, we are a recognized leading expert in such repair. JBY owns and operates a very unique mobile robotic gelcoat peeler and are prepared to work here in Jamestown, or our operator can travel with this unit, anywhere on the East Coast, Great Lakes, Caribbean, and even (once) the Orient.

If your yacht is unfortunate enough to suffer grounding or collision damage, our depth of experience with major hull repairs is invaluable. Please visit our Current Projects page that outlines some of our more recent repairs.

We are equally superior in more routine needs such as bottom fairing, painting, waxing/buffing, and varnish work.

Collision damage repairs.