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Subcontractor Policy


Jamestown Boat Yard is a business whose philosophy is to provide the highest quality custom maintenance and restoration work on fine yachts. We expect that when a customer places his yacht in our care, he is doing so because of our dedication to quality. We can only maintain that quality by doing the very work that brought the customer to JBY in the first place.

Occasionally, a customer will request a service within a time frame that we cannot meet or to perform work on a unique product where a specialist is required. In these cases we welcome the use of outside contractors and in fact we strive to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship. On the other hand, we discourage the use of outside entities that are in direct competition with our efforts to remain viable.

Any person, except an owner of the yacht on which he is working or the owner's full time captain, shall provide a copy of insurance coverage prior to doing work at JBY. Such coverage will include, at a minimum, liability in the amount of $1,000,000 and workmen's compensation in the amount of $500,000.

Under no circumstances, will anyone other than JBY employees use tools or equipment owned by JBY.

Contractors, when doing approved work at JBY, shall;

  • Sign-in every day and indicate the nature of activities.
  • Observe all safety precautions and polices instituted by JBY. Contractors must attend a safety indoctrination session, which is presented by JBY's safety officer
  • Not impede the progress of work being performed by JBY or interfere with JBY's work schedule.
  • Not enter restricted area including private offices, stores and shops except when accompanied by JBY staff.
  • Pay a daily charge for yard services, which cover the cost of electricity, water, trash disposal, parking and toilet facilities.
  • Pay a fee equal to 10% of JBY's normal rate for the worked performed.
  • Purchase, from JBY's stores, all non-specialty materials. A courtesy discount of 10% will be applied to all purchases.
  • Immediately, report injury to persons or damage to property and equipment. Alert any member of JBY staff and file a written report of the incident.
  • Enter premises only during JBY's normally scheduled hours of operation.